1. You must meet the qualification criteria, have been invited by your PC or iHM and approved to attend. 

2. Registrations are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. (events sell out quickly).  

3. Any non-registered or unapproved arrivals will be charged a USD 1000 fee to attend or refused entry (events are always sold out) - you must register in advance.  

4. If you register and fail to attend for any reason, a USD 250 fee will apply.  

5. You must send your dietary restrictions, should there be any, to mastermind@blackcardbooks.com 2 weeks before event date. We cannot accept any special requests after 2 weeks prior to event date. 

6. Guest companion should only be a business partner or spouse and must not be an author of other publishing companies or business owners. Registration Fee for guests are USD 250 (per head/per day).  

We hope you understand the ramifications of not attending such a prestigious and sold out event, and that there must be controls in place when an author does not attend after registering.